mISDN v1 with NT-mode kernel modules for CAPI 2.0


The original mISDN v1 is not maintained any more. It includes the DSS1 stack for TE mode.
If someone wants to use NT-mode, it worked with a user-space application/library only
(like chan_misdn). Based on a mISDN v1 snapshot, the NT-mode for DSS1 was ported from
user-space to kernel as mISDN native modules.
Also the CAPI support was improved.
The result is mISDN v1 for the use with CAPI based applications only!
The status is highly experimental. Currently hfc_multi driver was adapted only.

subversion access

To get the sources directly from melware-subversion repository, you can use the following command:
  • svn co svn://svn.melware.net/capi20/mISDNv1 mISDNv1_NT
For developer access, please contact <support _at_ melware.de>


Please refer to the package included README.