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Diva Server ISDN with Trixbox

Here is a small description for using Diva Server ISDN cards with Trixbox:
  • first, to be up to date, run
    yum -y update
  • when you install a diva server card and Trixbox (CentOS) asks you to configure the new detected network card, please select 'Ignore'.
  • download the divas4linux-melware RPM package from Filestore
    (the kernel version must match with the kernel running on your Trixbox system, see 'uname -r')
  • install this RPM, e.g.:
    rpm -Uhv divas4linux-melware-3.0.7_107.725_1_2.6.9_34.0.2.ELsmp-2.i386.rpm
  • since your system may already has loaded the old divas driver, you should perform one of the following:
    modprobe -r divas
    reboot your system
  • with 'lsmod' you should '''not''' see loaded modules 'divas' and 'divadidd' at this time.
  • run the Divas config tool to configure your card(s):
  • after reboot, driver should automatically load, start the Diva Server card(s) and provide the /dev/capi20 interface.
  • now also install ChanCapi, see TrixboxChanCapi