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New divactrl of driver v3 does not work with my load options any more

The new divactrl of package v3 uses the new cfglib, a XML based configuration, so the config-wizard
should be used to configure the cards and create the start script divas_cfg.sh.
Also, when using old load options, divactrl tries to use the older firmware, which is not available any more.

While loading my card, 'divactrl' complains about missing divadidd, divacapi modules. Are they needed for 'divactrl' ?

divactrl does not need those modules. Only divas.o and divadidd is needed to load the card. When you "modprobe" divas.o then divadidd is loaded also. Check this with lsmod.

Can 'divactrl' handle my /dev/ttyIx stuff ?

No. You will still need the tools from isdn4k-utils (eg. isdnctrl)

What's the diffrence between 'eiconctrl' and 'divacrtl' ?

They are for different drivers. The "legacy" eicon driver needs the 'eiconctrl' utility and the new DIVAS driver the 'divactrl' to load, start and manage the cards. With divactrl -h you can see the main options and with divactrl 'command' -h the help for this command will be shown. For the load parameters, you can use the config wizard which is part of the divactrl package.