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Common Diva Server FAQ

Analogue modem calls do not work. Is there a bug in your driver ?

This is not a DIVA-driver bug or issue anyway. You need to init ttyI device correctly.For analogue modem calls you need to set s18=1 and s14=10. See man ttyI for details !

What is the default location for eicon isdn stuff ?

All ISDN and eicon/divas stuff goes to /usr/sbin (binaries) and /usr/lib/isdn/[eicon/]

Is the 'Teledat Surf USB' ISDN-Adapter (manufactured by EICON) supported by DIVAS ?

No. Divas driver only takes care for the active PCI cards of EICON. But you can have a look at http://www.qbik.ch/usb/devices/ for supported devices of the USB project.

What do I need to do if I want to use isdnctrl for my ipppd ?

You must 'modprobe isdn' and 'insmod diva2i4l'. Now divas can communicate to i4l.

Does SuSE1.23 / RedHat4.56 /Debian7.8.9 contain your latest driver ?

The distributors do not inform us about which drivers version they burn on their CD's. Best you get the latest from www.melware.net to face all doubts.

Can I use the pppd for async ppp on a ttyIxx ?


Why don't you write a drivers for the non-supported cards ?

The passive cards are supported by HiSax- so we don't need. The semi cards would need some code which is non-public. Try to do this all new would take months. As long there is noone paying that we cannot afford to free resources for that !

Which fax-classes are supported on the ttyIxx ?

AT Fax Class 1 and 2 commands (not 2.0) are supported, but with the eicon cards only class 2 is possible. All you need to do is AT+FCLASS=2 and this should work.

How can I test that ?

E.g. minicom should return on "AT+FCLASS=?" something like 0,2,8

What is the correct setting for X.75 modem calls ?

If you want to have automatic connect for digital call X.75 and analog modem, use S18=5.

The ttyI registers - how do I use them ?

This is very easy; in the man page for the ttyI you will find the register settings for the different B-Channel layers. For analog modem you need to set the service indicator to analog : ATS18=1 and the layer 2 protokoll to analog modem : ATS14=10, that's all.

Can I establish analogue modem calls with isdn_net devices ?

No. Isdn_net devices (like isdn0, ippp0) are for synchronous data transfer. Analogue modem only is async, so the /dev/ttyI* devices must be used for analogue modem.

How can i make the card dial ?

This depends! Our driver offers Capi2.0 or ttyI - choose whatever is appropriate to your needs.

How can i make the card dial using ttyIxx ?

Using ttyIx there are basic tests by using a terminalprogramm and treat the card like a modem.

I want to use V110 and V120 on ttyIx under native Isdn4Linux. How ?

V120 is not supported by native Isdn4Linux. V110 is supported by some cards and the new DIVAS driver using CAPI.

Do you have drivers for Eicon PCMCIA card "Diehl ISDN" "ISDN-DIVA/PCM" ?

Eicon PCMCIA cards are not supported by the DIVAS driver. Eicon will release a binary driver somewhen.

Not all modules are loaded automagically and I didn't see the depmod -a step in your install guide ?

depmod is a standard procedure for installing and using modules. Our install guide should just help to know what needs to be done with the kernel, it is not meant to tell everything.