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How to install chan-capi on Trixbox

Since Trixbox doesn't provide all needed files for chan-capi compiling by default, you can use a pre-compiled version as RPM.

Here is what to do:
  • first, to be up to date, run
    yum -y update
  • download the chan-capi RPM package from Filestore (the asterisk version must match)
  • install the package on your Trixbox system with e.g.:
    rpm -Uhv chan_capi-1.0.0_1.2.14-1.i386.rpm
  • create your /etc/asterisk/capi.conf
    in /etc/asterisk-<version>_samples you can find an example
  • make sure to set correct ownership:
    chown asterisk.asterisk /etc/asterisk/capi.conf
  • configure your dial-plan for the capi device in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
  • you may need to restart Asterisk:
    amportal stop
    amportal start
  • or just (re-)load chan_capi in Asterisk CLI:
If you want to use a Diva Server card with Trixbox, please see also TrixboxAndDivaServer.