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On PtMP connections, you can use call-deflection to forward an incoming call (currently ringing) to another destination without using a second B-channel.
Use capicommand(deflect|123456) to deflect a call to '123456'.

On PtP connections, this feature is called ''partial reroute'' and you can use the same capicommand. But this feature is not supported by all CAPI controllers.
Also, your PtP line must be configured for that feature (ask your telefone company).

If you use Eicon/Dialogic Diva Server cards, you also need to configure the card to use ''reroute'' instead of ''deflect''.
The following script will configure the controller number 1 to use ''reroute''.
(This must be done after startup of the card)

cd /usr/lib/eicon/divas/   #cd /usr/lib/divas
val="Config/Supplementary Values/SSFeatures=0x10"
./divactrl mantool -c 1 -w"${val}"