chan-capi  (aka chan-capi-cm) for Asterisk

what is chan-capi?

ChanCapi is a module for the open source software PBX systems

to provide CAPI based ISDN/Telephony hardware support.

This module (often declared as 'driver', but it isn't) provides the connection between the PBX software and ISDN Hardware which provides a CAPI 2.0 compatible interface.

Older versions of this Cytronics & Melware provided chan-capi were named chan-capi-cm, but now it is just chan-capi from

subversion access

To get the sources directly from the subversion repository, you can use the following commands:

  • svn co svn:// chan-capi-trunk
    for the development version.
  • svn co svn:// chan-capi-branch-1.1
    for the current stable branch.
  • svn co svn:// chan-capi-1.1.6
    for the release 1.1.6.
For developer access, please contact <support _at_>


  • ChanCapiHardware provides a list of supported hardware and cards.
  • ChanCapiConf will show you details how to configure chan-capi.
  • ChanCapiErrorsAndWarnings shows how to interpret messages from chan-capi.
  • TrixboxChanCapi is how to install chan-capi on Trixbox.

join development

You are welcome to join the chan-capi development. If you are interested, please send an email to <support _at_>