ISDN Tunnel Daemon (ITunD)

what is the ITunD?

ITunD is a daemon which provides a network tunnel over ISDN lines using the CAPI interface. The protocol is compatible to Isdn4Linux isdn-net (rawIP) devices, so you can connect to a server which is running using isdn-net interfaces isdnX with rawIP.


The latest version of the ITunD is available here:

subversion access

To get the sources directly from melware-subversion repository, you can use the following command:

For developer access, please contact <armin _at_>


After downloading and extracting the package, you'll find a README included. Please refer to this document for information about installation, build and cofiguration.


Please use the Melware Bug Tracker to report or view any bugs of feature requests.

join development

You are welcome to join the itund development. If you are interested, please send an email to <armin _at_>

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