what is capi4yaps?

capi4yaps is a patched version of YAPS, a tool to send SMS via Modem/ISDN line, to work with CAPI 2.0 compatible interface.


The current stable version of the capi4yaps patch is available here:


Since we provide a patched version only, the mailing list of the originators from yaps shall be used instead.

subversion access

To get the sources directly from melware-subversion repository, you can use the following command:

For developer access, please contact <armin _at_>


Please refer to the package included README || yaps.html for installation and configuration issues.


Please use the Melware Bug Tracker to report or view any bugs of feature requests.

join development

You are welcome to join the capi4yaps development. If you are interested, please send an email to <armin _at_>

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